Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Post Op Panty and C Section Recovery Panty are Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) approved items.  Use your FSA or HSA card to purchase now.  

Post Op Panty and C Section Recovery Panty are also covered by most private insurance companies and Medicaid so you can get our doctor designed and recommended recovery panties for little or no out-of pocket cost. Note coverage may vary by company and policy so we recommend you call your insurance company, or Medicaid, to confirm that the item is covered.

After obtaining this information, ask about the reimbursement process. Most insurance companies have a specific reimbursement form the patient must complete. Obtain the reimbursement form as well as a list of required documents that are needed for reimbursement. These may include a receipt for the item and/or a written prescription from your physician in order to be reimbursed through your Flexible Spending or other program.

Download Post Op Panty Insurance Form

Receipt for Reimbursement
We will include a detailed receipt with your order that may be used to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Step by Step Guide on How to File a Claim With Your Private Insurance
  • Confirm coverage with your insurance company
  • Secure receipt of your product
  • Secure a prescription from your doctor (be sure prescription includes your name, type of procedure and physician signature)
  • Have your doctor fill out the insurance submission form below
  • Submit all of the above to your insurance carrier
Your insurance company may have a specific form they want to use in lieu of the form below. Remember to check with your insurance on all questions regarding reimbursement.

If you have questions regarding reimbursement, please contact [email protected]